Category: Spatial Cognitive Computing

How to translate complex attractor networks into spiking networks for rubust neuromorphic computing?

E. Paxon Frady, Friedrich T. Sommer. Robust computation with rhythmic spike patterns. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Sep 2019, 116 (36) 18050-18059; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1902653116

“This work makes 2 contributions. First, we present a neural network model

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How to achieve stable dynamics in neural circuits?

Leo Kozachkov, Mikael Lundqvist, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Earl K. Miller. Achieving stable dynamics in neural circuits. bioRxiv 2020.01.17.910174;  doi:

“The brain consists of many interconnected networks with time-varying, partially autonomous activity. There are multiple sources of noise and

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What are the main challenges and the future prospects of neuromorphic computing?

Roy, K., Jaiswal, A. & Panda, P. Towards spike-based machine intelligence with neuromorphic computing. Nature 575, 607–617 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1677-2

“Guided by brain-like ‘spiking’ computational frameworks, neuromorphic computing—brain-inspired computing for machine intelligence—promises to realize artificial intelligence while reducing the

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Brain-inspired dynamic path replanning in autonomous navigation for robotic swarms

What do animal brains have in common with a swarm of robots? 

In an effort to improve robotic swarming algorithms, an interdisciplinary team of scientists will study how the brain allows an animal to navigate and change its route while …

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【Latest Papers】Cognitive Navigation by Neuro-Inspired Localization, Mapping and Episodic Memory

Abstract One of the important topics in the study of robotic cognition is to enable robot to perceive, plan and react to situations in a real-world environment. We present a novel angle on this subject, by integrating active navigation with …

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Nature Neuroscience Nov. 2017 Issue: Focus on Spatial Cognition

From Nature Neuroscience  Oct. 31 2017

Navigation is the ability to estimate one’s own position and to track and plan one’s own path in physical space, be it on land, on sea, in the air or even in space. …

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HD Maps: New age maps powering autonomous vehicles

From GeospatialWorld  by   Harsha Vardhan   September 22, 2017

High Definition Maps or HD Maps are the new generation maps that are powering machines and self-driving cars & autonomous cars. Read this article to understand everything about HD Maps. Full credit for

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