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Mar 11, 2023. Coding of action x position in the medial entorhinal cortex of flying bats. Gily Ginosar; Daniel McNamee; Liora Las; Nachum Ulanovsky. COSYNE 2023 

Oct 8, 2022,  From Semantic SLAM to Semantic Navigation by Kostas Daniilidis (UPenn) 

April 2022, Space coding in neural networks/ Computation in the brain by Edvard Moser

April 2022, Space and memory in the brain by May-Britt Moser

March 2022, Symmetries and asymmetries in the neural coding of space by Kate Jeffery

March 2022, The Past, Present, and Future of SLAM, A Personal Journey by John Leonard

March 2022, Microcircuit and cellular computations supporting flexible memory encoding and consolidation in the hippocampus by Attila Losonczy

March 2022, Cosyne Talks

March 2022, How fly neurons compute the direction of visual motion by Alexander Borst

Feb 2022, Understanding neural networks in the entorhinal cortex of the normal brain by Edvard Moser 

Jan 2022, The Role of the Vestibular System in Perceived Directional Heading by Jeffrey Taube

December 2021, Space, time and memory in neural networks of the brain – Keynote by Edvard Moser – NORA – Norwegian AI Research Consortium

December 2021, How your brain creates maps of abstract spaces | Brain GPS  by Artem Kirsanov  

October 2021, Neural codes for natural behaviors in flying bats – Nachum Ulanovsky  ESI Systems Neuroscience Conference 2021: The natural brain: understanding neuronal computation in its natural habitat

October 2021, Your Brain’s Cognitive Map – John O’Keefe Kavli Prize Laureate Lecture

Sep 2021, Spatial and Perceptual Neuroscience Questions a Roboticist Would Love to Have Answered – Michael Milford, UCL NeuroAI Talk Series  Video

June 2021, Network dynamics of entorhinal grid cells -Edvard Moser 

June 2021, Biologically-inspired SLAM: Where are we coming from and where could we go? -Michael Milford  Tartan SLAM Series

May 2021, Locally-ordered representation of 3D space in the entorhinal cortex – Gily Ginosar (Ulanovsky lab) | Weizmann Institute

April 2021,Neuromorphic Algorithms and Hardware for Real-Time Real-World Robots – Conradt Jörg 

March 2021, Functions of the hippocampal system – 65 years after Brenda Milner opened the doors – May-Britt Moser Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s 2021 annual meeting

Feb 2021, Neural codes for natural navigation in flying bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at the 29th ISFN Annual Meeting 

Feb 2021, Brain Mechanisms underlying Flexible Navigation – John O’Keefe 

Dec 2020, Linking neural representations of space by multiple attractor networks in the entorhinal cortex and the hippocampus – Yoram Burak, presented at World Wide Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar

Nov 2020, Topics in Neurobiology (navigation, memory, etc. ) -Kate Jeffery 

October 2020, Taking off: robotically-motivated investigations into bio-inspired mapping and localization across species and operational domains – Michael Milford, presented at iNav2020

Sep 2020, Navigation, Neuroscience and Neural Networks: A Quest to Understand Intelligence and Build Better Technology for Robots and Autonomous Vehicles – Michael Milford, presented at Systems Theory and Engineering Online Seminar

March 2020, Neural codes for natural behaviors in flying bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at  Cosyne 2020 Workshop 1.8

August 2019, Neural codes for natural behaviors in flying bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at ASAB Summer 2019

March 2019, How Your Brain Maps The World –  John O’Keefe presented at The Royal Institution

April 2019, The 3D geometry of grid cells in flying bats  – Gily Ginosar presented at Harvard CMSA

March 2019, Representation of 3D space in the entorhinal cortex of flying bats – Gily Ginosar  presented at Cosyne 2019

April 2019, Neural networks for 3D rotations – Sandro Romani presented at Harvard CMSA

April 2019,  Emergent Elasticity in the Neural Code for Space – Sam Ocko presented at Harvard CMSA

May 2019, Coding of space and time in the entorhinal cortex – Michael Hasselmo presented at Stanford

September 2018, Space, time and memory in the brain – May-Britt Moser presented at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

June 2018, The Brain’s Codes for Space and Time – Edvard Moser presented at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

March 2018, Understanding and decoding the brain’s spatial navigation circuits – Ila Fiete presented at CCBM2018

December 2017, Spatial cells in the hippocampal formation – PART I – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at FENS Hertie Winter School 2017

December 2017, Spatial cells in the hippocampal formation – PART II – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at FENS Hertie Winter School 2017

December 2017, Position coding in the entorhinal cortex – Edvard Moser presented at FENS Hertie Winter School 2017

December 2017, The brain’s Positioning System – Edvard Moser presented at Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists

May 2017, Studying the Sense of Direction in the Brain – Kate Jeffery presented at Conscious Cities Conference

September 2016, Neural Basis of 3D Goal Directed Navigation in Bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at SUNY

January 2016, Towards a Natural Neuroscience of Navigation in Bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

June 2015, Neural codes for 2-D and 3-D space in the hippocampal formation of bats – Nachum Ulanovsky

December 2014, Nobel Prize Lecture onThe Brain’s Navigational Place and Grid Cell System – John O’KeefeMay-Britt MoserEdvard I. Moser 

August 2012, RatSLAM: Using Models of Rodent Hippocampus for Robot Navigation – Michael Milford presented at QUT

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