CogNav Tutorials

Feb 2021, Neural codes for natural navigation in flying bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at the 29th ISFN Annual Meeting 

Dec 2020, Linking neural representations of space by multiple attractor networks in the entorhinal cortex and the hippocampus – Yoram Burak, presented at World Wide Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar

Nov 2020, Topics in Neurobiology (navigation, memory, etc. ) -Kate Jeffery 

October 2020, Taking off: robotically-motivated investigations into bio-inspired mapping and localization across species and operational domains – Michael Milford, presented at iNav2020

Sep 2020, Navigation, Neuroscience and Neural Networks: A Quest to Understand Intelligence and Build Better Technology for Robots and Autonomous Vehicles – Michael Milford, presented at Systems Theory and Engineering Online Seminar

March 2020, Neural codes for natural behaviors in flying bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at  Cosyne 2020 Workshop 1.8

August 2019, Neural codes for natural behaviors in flying bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at ASAB Summer 2019

March 2019, How Your Brain Maps The World –  John O’Keefe presented at The Royal Institution

April 2019, The 3D geometry of grid cells in flying bats  – Gily Ginosar presented at Harvard CMSA

March 2019, Representation of 3D space in the entorhinal cortex of flying bats – Gily Ginosar  presented at Cosyne 2019

April 2019, Neural networks for 3D rotations – Sandro Romani presented at Harvard CMSA

April 2019,  Emergent Elasticity in the Neural Code for Space – Sam Ocko presented at Harvard CMSA

May 2019, Coding of space and time in the entorhinal cortex – Michael Hasselmo presented at Stanford

September 2018, Space, time and memory in the brain – May-Britt Moser presented at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

June 2018, The Brain’s Codes for Space and Time – Edvard Moser presented at the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

March 2018, Understanding and decoding the brain’s spatial navigation circuits – Ila Fiete presented at CCBM2018

December 2017, Spatial cells in the hippocampal formation – PART I – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at FENS Hertie Winter School 2017

December 2017, Spatial cells in the hippocampal formation – PART II – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at FENS Hertie Winter School 2017

December 2017, Position coding in the entorhinal cortex – Edvard Moser presented at FENS Hertie Winter School 2017

December 2017, The brain’s Positioning System – Edvard Moser presented at Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists

May 2017, Studying the Sense of Direction in the Brain – Kate Jeffery presented at Conscious Cities Conference

September 2016, Neural Basis of 3D Goal Directed Navigation in Bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at SUNY

January 2016, Towards a Natural Neuroscience of Navigation in Bats – Nachum Ulanovsky presented at The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

June 2015, Neural codes for 2-D and 3-D space in the hippocampal formation of bats – Nachum Ulanovsky

December 2014, Nobel Prize Lecture onThe Brain’s Navigational Place and Grid Cell System – John O’KeefeMay-Britt MoserEdvard I. Moser 

August 2012, RatSLAM: Using Models of Rodent Hippocampus for Robot Navigation – Michael Milford presented at QUT

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