Category: Visual Cue Cells

How human visual area V6 transforms spatially relevant sensory information into an egocentric representation for navigation?

Aggius-Vella E, Chebat DR, Maidenbaum S, Amedi A. Activation of human visual area V6 during egocentric navigation with and without visual experience. Current Biology. 2023 Mar 1.

V6 is a retinotopic area located in the dorsal visual

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How are spatial landmarks encoded by cue cells in MEC for error correction during path integration?

Kinkhabwala, Amina A., Yi Gu, Dmitriy Aronov, and David W. Tank. “Visual cue-related activity of cells in the medial entorhinal cortex during navigation in virtual reality.” Elife 9 (2020): e43140.

During spatial navigation, animals use self-motion

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