Tag: Spatial Representation

How an allocentric representation of surrounding visual space can be constructed and stored by the dorsal visual path?

Li, Tianyi, Angelo Arleo, and Denis Sheynikhovich. “A model of a panoramic visual representation in the dorsal visual pathway: the case of spatial reorientation and memory-based search.” bioRxiv (2019): 827667.

Primates are primarily visual animals and …

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How landmark and self-motion cues combine during navigation to generate spatial representations?

The excerpt note is about how combine landmark and self-motion cues for navigation from Campbell et al., 2018.

Campbell, Malcolm G., Samuel A. Ocko, Caitlin S. Mallory, Isabel I. C. Low, Surya Ganguli & Lisa M. Giocomo. Principles governing the

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Path Integration in a Continuous Attractor Network Model

The excerpt note is about path integration with continuous attractor network according to McNaughton B. L., et al., 2006.

McNaughton, Bruce L., Francesco P. Battaglia, Ole Jensen, Edvard I. Moser, and May-Britt Moser. “Path integration and the neural basis

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How to build spatial representation model (x, y, z, yaw) for 3D SLAM inspired by the brain?

The excerpt note is some relevant references about 2.5D SLAM inspired by the brain, which is expanded from the RatSLAM system.

Guth F. A. et. al. present an Hippo 3D (DolphinSLAM), expanded from the RatSLAM system, which was initially designed …

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