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What is the latest progress in brain-inspired navigation technology integrating perception and action decision?

YANG Chuang, LIU Jianye, XIONG Zhi, LAI Jizhou, XIONG Jun. Brain-inspired navigation technology integrating perception and action decision: A review and outlook[J]. ACTA AERONAUTICAET ASTRONAUTICA SINICA, 2020, 41(1): 23280-023280.


“With the sustained development of brain and neuroscience as …

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Insect-Inspired Robots Don’t Need GPS For Orientation

The ‘Brains on Board’ project is a collaboration between several British universities in partnership with the Human Brain Project and seeks to ‘translate’ the brains of ants and bees into algorithms that a machine will understand. Its aim is …

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How a simple robotics model of mammal navigation is useful to interpret neurobiological recordings

Place recognition is a complex process involving idiothetic and allothetic information. In mammals, evidence suggests that visual information stemming from the temporal and parietal cortical areas (‘what’ and ‘where’ information) is merged at the level of the entorhinal cortex (EC) …

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Brain-inspired dynamic path replanning in autonomous navigation for robotic swarms

What do animal brains have in common with a swarm of robots? 

In an effort to improve robotic swarming algorithms, an interdisciplinary team of scientists will study how the brain allows an animal to navigate and change its route while …

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How to build spatial representation model (x, y, z, yaw) for 3D SLAM inspired by the brain?

The excerpt note is some relevant references about 2.5D SLAM inspired by the brain, which is expanded from the RatSLAM system.

Guth F. A. et. al. present an Hippo 3D (DolphinSLAM), expanded from the RatSLAM system, which was initially designed …

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3D Spatial Representation: Coding of 3D space by 3D Grid Cells, 3D Border Cells, 3D Head Direction Cells

Latest reports about 3D Spatial Representation by Gily Ginosar at Weizmann Institute of Science and Misun Kim at UCL in the Grid Cell Meeting on May 21-22, 2018. (http://www.cognitive-map.com/img/GCMposters.pdf )

Gily Ginosar, Weizmann Institute of Science

Grid cells recorded

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How to implement the visual processing module for pose calibration in RatSLAM?

In this report, I summarized some key methods for visual processing module in RatSLAM or RatSLAM-based System. There are more than six approaches as following. By comparing and doing some practical experiments, I think that the intensity scanline profile and

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