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10 Rules of Studying

From the course website of Learning How to Learn  @ Dr. Barbara Oakley  Dr. Terrence Sejnowski

These rules form a synthesis of some of the main ideas of the course–they are excerpted from the book A Mind for Numbers:

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Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

University of California, San Diego 

Dr. Barbara Oakley  and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski

About the course

This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, science, sports, and many other disciplines.

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Call for Papers of the German Journal on Artificial Intelligence

Special Issue on "Landmark-Based Navigation in Cognitive Systems"

Künstliche Intelligenz – German Journal on Artificial Intelligence

The importance of landmarks in human navigation has long been recognized in multiple fields. These include areas involved in the understanding, modelling and supporting

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A list of relevant GIS journals

Note. This article is  from The 3D geoinformation research group

We are curating a list of journals that we consider when submitting a GIS manuscript. Some of the journals listed below are not squarely GIS journals, but they

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[美] 威廉·斯特伦克(William Strunk)著

陈玮 译 崔长青 校







      《全球英文写作圣经:风格的要素(全新修订版 中英对照版)》在中国赴美国的留学生中享有广泛的声誉,经过口口相传,几乎成了每一个出国留学者必备的英文写作指南。一个人必须首先了解规则才能够去打破它。这本经典的指导书是每个学生和写作者的必读之书。《全球英文写作圣经:风格的要素(全新修订版 中英对照版)》以简短的篇幅阐明了英文朴实风格必须具备的基本原则,集中阐释了英语文法应用、写作技巧以及一般人在写作中常犯的错误等。






第一章 前言

第二章 英文用法的基本规则

规则一 单数名词加's,构成名词所有格

规则二 在三个以上的词并列时,除了最后一个词外,其他词用逗号隔开

规则三 逗号之间放插入句


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  • 一、常用文献分类
  • 二、常用数据库&搜索引擎
  • 三、文献检索技巧
  • 四、文献阅读方法



  • 图书(book)
  • 期刊论文(Journal)
  • 会议论文(Conference)
  • 学位论文(Dissertation)
  • 专利(Patents)
  • 报告(Report)
  • 标准(Standard)
  • 产品资料(Product)
  • 政府出版物(Government Doc),如白皮书、规划等
  • 其他(Others),如博客等




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