Category: Neural Basis of Navigation

How to achieve stable dynamics in neural circuits?

Leo Kozachkov, Mikael Lundqvist, Jean-Jacques Slotine, Earl K. Miller. Achieving stable dynamics in neural circuits. bioRxiv 2020.01.17.910174;  doi:

“The brain consists of many interconnected networks with time-varying, partially autonomous activity. There are multiple sources of noise and

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How an ant navigates the desert?

Rüdiger Wehner. Desert Navigator: The Journey of an Ant [M]. Harvard University Press, 2020.

About the Book

“A world-renowned researcher of animal behavior reveals the extraordinary orienteering skills of desert ants, offering a thrilling account of the sophisticated ways insects

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How the human brain codes for current remote spatial target locations?

Tsitsiklis, Melina, Jonathan Miller, Salman E. Qasim, Cory S. Inman, Robert E. Gross, Jon R. Willie, Elliot H. Smith et al. “Single-neuron representations of spatial memory targets in humans.” BioRxiv (2019): 523753.

• Epilepsy patients performed a …

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Whether self‐reported navigation ability is related to information transfer between optic flow‐sensitive (OF‐sensitive) cortical regions and regions important to navigation during environmental spatial tasks?

Zajac, Lauren, Heather Burte, Holly A. Taylor, and Ronald Killiany. “Self‐reported navigation ability is associated with optic flow‐sensitive regions’ functional connectivity patterns during visual path integration.” Brain and behavior 9, no. 4 (2019): e01236.

“Spatial navigation …

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How the running speed modulates the firing rate of the place cells?

McClain, Kathryn et al “Position–theta-phase model of hippocampal place cell activity applied to quantification of running speed modulation of firing rate.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2019): 201912792. Web. 20 Dec. 2019.

“The hippocampus is …

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How do backward walking ants cope with navigational uncertainty?

Sebastian Schwarz, Leo Clement, Evripides Gkanias, Antoine Wystrach. How do backward walking ants (Cataglyphis velox) cope with navigational uncertainty? bioRxiv 2019.12.16.877704; doi:

“Current opinion in insect navigation assumes that animals need to align with the goal direction to …

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What could be the computational benefits of such a mapping between intrinsic dynamical structure and external sensory inputs for navigation in the brain?

Christian Leibold. A Model for Navigation in Unknown Environments Based on a Reservoir of Hippocampal Sequences
bioRxiv 2019.12.18.880583; doi:

“Hippocampal place cell populations are activated in sequences on multiple time scales during active behavior, resting and sleep …

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