How to implement internal dynamics of the head direction network in brain inspired 1D SLAM?

The excerpt note is from the Michael’s book. The example code is implemented by Fangwen, which can help us to understand the process and principle of the method.

Michael Milford. Robot Navigation from Nature: Simultaneous Localisation, Mapping, and Path Planning

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How to model the hippocampal place cell activity for spatial cognition and neuro-mimetic navigation?

This excerpt note is about place cell activity model from the Arleo A. et al. 2000 paper.

Arleo, Angelo, and Wulfram Gerstner. “Spatial cognition and neuro-mimetic navigation: a model of hippocampal place cell activity.” Biological cybernetics 83, no. …

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Brief News of Cognitive Navigation (2018-002)

1. ‘Bat-nav’ reveals how the brain tracks other animals

By Alison Abbott, published on the Nature News in Jan 12, 2018

Bats have helped to decipher how we map the movements of ourselves and others.Credit: Weizmann Inst. of Science.
  • The
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【Excerpt Note】Continuous Attractor Neural Network (CANN) and 1D CANN for Head Direction

This is a brief excerpt note for studying the continuous attractor neural network (CANN) and 1D CANN for Head Direction.

The content is from the Wu, S., et al. review paper. (Wu, S., Wong, K.M., Fung, C.A.,

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【Excerpt Note】Multi-scale brain research

The video was published on the Vimeo by TRICKLABOR in  Jan 8, 2018

Scientists examine the brain and how it works on many different levels, from human interactions to the chemistry of neurotransmitters. This animations compares the scale of the …

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【Excerpt Note】The Representation of Movement Direction in the Motor Cortex: Single Cell and Population Studies

The chapter is published by Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, John F. Kalaska, Michael D. Crutcher, Roberto Caminiti, Joe T. Massey in 1984.

This blog is a brief summary of the chapter about neuronal mechanisms and representation of movement direction.

  • The paper
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【Excerpt Note】Neuronal Population Coding of Movement Direction

Georgopoulos, Apostolos P., Andrew B. Schwartz, and Ronald E. Kettner. “Neuronal population coding of movement direction.” Science (1986): 1416-1419.

The blog is a brief summary of the neuronal population coding model for movement direction.

Brief Summary

  • Although individual neurons in
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